The Panacea To Solve the Top Ten Paradoxes In the World Today—-Taking Down The CCP (2)

Author: Himalaya Canada QingJiao WenXi
Translator: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

5  For Western civilization, the greatest danger right now is not about food, global warming, inequality, or religion, but obesity, consumer culture, utopian pacifism, multicultural policies, and declining demographics. The secular religion of political correctness threatens the right to free speech, an inability to protect national borders and create a common culture rooted in the values of the West, and an absence of belief in spiritual transcendence and reverence for past customs and traditions.

Comment: As early as 2014, Mr. Bannon made a speech at the Vatican talking about “the Western world is facing a crisis of faith and morality, and this crisis has shaken the foundation of Western civilization.” The CCP, an evil without faith, makes the “BGY” plan to destroy the world. And the CCP’s “success,” to a certain extent, not only impacts the markets of Western countries ruled by law. More importantly, it affects Western values. The chaos of the world order at this moment is essentially the profanity of faith and the obsession with greedy human nature for a long time. The so-called consumer culture, utopian pacifism, and multicultural policies are effectively brainwashing the loss of faith. The establishment of the New Federal State of China, with respect and belief in God and Nature as the core, and eliminating the CCP as the goal will give the excellent answer for the world.

The great danger facing modern constitutional government and freedom of the press does not come from the silly and easily recognizable right-wing racists and pretending fascists, but as George Orwell saw, from glib social Utopians. Similarly dangerous are their submissive media enhancers, who unwittingly tolerate the abuse of state administrative power and pursue the so-called lofty equality, justice, and fairness. Those responsible for the erosion of our freedom cannot be the generals in cloaks and epaulets but the skinny and cold generals in fashionable suits, who sweetly and smoothly tell a predetermined historical trajectory, approaching their utopian (ideological) mission. For a democratic government, the most dangerous thing is that the media considers itself an agent of social justice, voluntarily gives up administrative autonomy, and regards the loss of independence as a small price for its balance.

Comment: For a long time, the left-wing media intentionally or unintentionally borrowed concepts such as “science” and “freedom” to oppose right-wing conservatism and even slandered the right-wing hawks’ racism and fascism. Restraint between left and right is indeed conducive to democracy. Still, since the 21st century, science has become scientism, and the trend of freedom to develop into socialism has been unprecedentedly high. Recently, ANTIFA, which started in the United States and spread rapidly throughout the West, is doing fascist slogans under anti-fascism. The ANTIFA tearing down the bronze statues of pioneers such as Churchill and Columbus is the best example. The extreme left-wing tendencies and communism are undoubtedly inseparable from the leadership of the Communist League led by CCP. Western society is accelerating its awakening. More and more patriots who genuinely believe in the rule of law and democracy are uniting against the CCP (communism) and destroying CCP. They understand that this is the only option.

In the popular politics seen in Europe and the United States, going straight (crudity) is unwelcome. But if a brief roughness is sometimes needed to eliminate rigidity and destroy the old norms, people always feel gentle and gentle despite the constitution. The mediocre institutionalization of measures is easier to accept. To prove that the lives of blacks do indeed matter, sometimes the best way is to ensure that the unemployment rate of African-Americans is below 6% and that traditionally neglected job applicants can exert influence on employers. An economy with an annual growth rate of more than 3% usually makes the debate about the minimum wage law irrelevant.”

Comment: “kowtow” (this word is coming from the Chinese “kowtow”) is the most commonly used word by Mr. Bannon to describe CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, and other left-wing media. The left-wing hopes to show their respect for democracy through polite media performance. On the contrary, the right-wing is often direct and stubborn. It is vividly demonstrated in the two presidents of Obama and Donald Trump. However, even if there are “blacks” who undermine the rule of law and democracy, the left-wing still uses media remarks to publicize the political correctness of “black life is matter.” This time the Democratic Party led the left-wing to launch a “kneeling and kowtow” social activity.

On the contrary, President Trump tweeted that he would never put kneel. Still, in the past four years, he has increased employment through a series of measures such as trade wars and American manufacturing, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and step by step pushed for taking down the CCP. Trump was doing something good.

The Western world is in chaos because of the gap between what people think of truth and the “truth” that their ruling class (government) imposes on them for the purported greater moral good, as a result. It is a kind of schizophrenia, just like before the disintegration of the Soviet empire, no one believes that the reality of their lives has anything to do with the fact conveyed by the media and the state. Trumpism and European popular movements are just other problems. The symptom is that what the ruling elites said was often a lie.

Comment: President Reagan said that when communism rises in the United States, they must be under the banner of freedom and democracy. President Trump, with his team, has set the goal of advocating civilian rights since the beginning of the campaign, which is similar to the response to the Soviet Union during the Reagan era. Still, it has a more profound social significance. Because of the world situation at this time, if you want to consider the righteousness and the welfare of the people, you must expose the lies jointly fabricated by the CCP bandits and the Western “elites” (the “Davos Party” as Mr. Bannon called them). The lie may be “socialism is infinitely beautiful,” “great leader and wise leadership,” may also be “free democracy, racial equality,” “free speech against dictatorship.” What is constantly changing is that you don’t look at what they say but check what they do, check whether they are for the righteousness of heaven, whether they have upheld the authority of the constitution, and whether they have protected the interests of civilians. This moment of the decisive battle for all humanity’s freedom let us unite to eliminate the CCP and communism!

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The Panacea To Solve the Top Ten Paradoxes In the World Today—-Taking Down The CCP (1)

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