The Panacea To Solve the Top Ten Paradoxes In the World Today—-Taking Down The CCP (1)

Author: Himalaya Canada QingJiao WenXi
Translator: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

Recently, a senior researcher at the Hoover Institution, Victor Davis Hansen, worked in one of the five most giant think tanks in the United States. He wrote an article detailing the ten paradoxes of today’s world (original link). It is written, “Many things in the 21st century make us feel insecure. In the world, there have been recent concerns about the rise of Chinese mercantilism, the ghost of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea, the tensions in the European Union, the ossified Palestine issue, mass immigration, and Islam. The controversy over the resurgence of terrorism has taught the whole society many lessons. In the United States, the contrast between Obama-style sleek progressivism and Trump-style simple and direct conservatism is strange but enlightening.” Unfortunately, the article only lists the current global problems and does not provide solutions. However, almost at the same time, on the evening of June 3, 2020, off Manhattan, Mr. Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) and Mr. Bannon introduced a brand new country to the world—the New Federal State of China. 

The birth of this new country, comparable to the significance of the founding of the United States, has brought the process of eliminating communism and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on a global scale into a new stage and a stage of the final battle. These two gentlemen have been advancing the justice of the rights of civilians around the world for several years. They have given warnings to worldwide countries that have caused the public people awakening, and justice forces begin to gather.

The Canadian Himalaya Farm made some comments for the paradoxes to explain why taking down the CCP regime and eliminating communism is the only way to solve the global problems. It’s not only the Chinese people’s wishes but also should be the international countries’ choices. It is also the only way for civilization in the next thousand years.

The prosperity of capitalism driven by consumption does not necessarily lead to constitutional government. The CCP uses market capitalism only to make the CCP regime in Beijing richer and more aggressive. Once they only allow its elites and affiliates to make money, the Chinese government becomes more arbitrary. In the long term, more economic growth may enable individuals to be more economically free, but it presupposes political reform.

Comment: After the Tiananmen massacre of 1989, the United States did not severely sanction the CCP regime. However, the U.S. supported two generations of CCP leaders after Deng Xiaoping to develop Chinese economics by developing various economic policies. Finally, communist China became the second-largest economic entity in the world and ushered in the most dictatorial era after Mao Zedong. At this time, not only China but also all countries in the global capital chain and industrial chain were kidnapped by several leading families of the CCP. When political reforms are no longer possible and the CCP regime is rich and aggressive, taking it down is the only option for human development.

Once you have nuclear weapons, it does not mean you have them forever. What was lacking in the past is not the ability to prevent North Korea from acquiring nuclear ballistic missiles but the willingness of the West countries. Logically speaking, it’s the same for Iran’s nuclear program. Communist China is also ranting and threatening, and they acted this way not due to their powerful nuclear weapons but out of concerns about its economic vulnerability.

Comment: The fake power of the CCP regime is vulnerable to its structural economic risks and its military power in disguise. Most of China’s military expenditures are used by the CCP to rule and maintain stability (suppression) of the Chinese people, followed by funding “axis of evil” countries such as North Korea and Iran to develop military forces that disrupt regional peace geopolitics. The CCP has always used indecent and unrestricted warfare to obtain disdainful benefits, and its true strength is far weaker than expected. Therefore, taking down the CCP regime is not only for justice but also a feasible solution.

 The European Union has realized that its efforts to turn a booming common market and effective free trade tourism zone into a continental pan-European national state are in crisis. Brexit, financial tensions between the North and the South, and illegal immigration between the East and the West. Disagreements on this issue and the re-emergence and aggressive concerns of Germany are tearing the EU apart. Facts may well prove that the EU is no more successful than Napoleon’s efforts in the continental European system. Such a utopian quest always demanded a level of coercion contrary to national sovereignty and democratic government…”

Comment: The initial success of the EU cannot be separated from the Chinese market’s payment for its industry and commerce. Germany and France led the EU with supports from the CCP. The Brexit and refugee issues fully illustrate the damage to the rule of law and democracy in Europe that the EU leaders and their biggest supporters—the CCP government hopes to implement the utopian dream of a pan-European government. The fundamental way out for the long-term and healthy development of European society and economy is to eliminate the CCP’s control over them.

For centuries, Germany’s neighbors feared its power, expansionism, and unification plans and its tendency to become petulant in its victimhood. German friends and allies are now expressing this anxiety again. Central and Eastern Europe opposed its (Germany) policy of opening its borders and its nonchalance about illegal immigration. Germany’s immediate neighbors are puzzled by its mandatory green energy initiative, and its mandatory austerity policy has forced the debt-ridden Mediterranean countries to fall behind in the European Union. Germany of 2018 is not the one of 1946 or even the one of 1989, but according to polls, it was considered the most anti-American nation in Europe. 

Comment: Chancellor of Germany Merkel was recognized as an “old friend” by the CCP. She obeyed the CCP leaders on various international stages and even blatantly opposed the global order for the CCP at all costs. The Merkel government has infiltrated many politicians with the background of the Chinese Communist Party, and the most famous is that its Deputy Prime Minister Philip turned out to be the illegitimate son of the Wang Qishan family (the vice-chairman of the CCP now). Germany’s support for the CCP and WHO during the epidemic, as well as its criticism of the White House’s series of policies, fully demonstrated that the Merkel administration and the CCP are being together to violate Western democracy. Solving the problem of the German, the CCP is the key.


The Panacea To Solve the Top Ten Paradoxes In the World Today—-Taking Down The CCP (2)

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Origins leading back to (1715-1789) a political power : divine right of kings and absolutely controlled by “monarchy” as in Aristocratic leadership ?

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“ Mercantilism “ World Trade Organization to reduce TARIFFS global , non-tariff barrieryto trade with only those assumed a greater importance in NEONERCANTILISM? created by Wars and Imperialism .


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