[G Time] Reasons why New Federal State of China will not repeat Libya’s mistakes

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In February 2011, Libyans also took to the streets in the “Arab Spring” to protest against their ruler, Gaddafi’s dictatorship.  Since 1969, he has been in power with an iron fist for more than 40 years.  

On March 17, the United Nations authorized the international community to take military actions to protect the people of Libya.  Two days later, the United States, Britain, France and other countries began airstrikes against Gaddafi’s forces.  On March 31, NATO took over operational command and provided air support to the rebels.  

In October, the rebels captured Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte.  On October 20, Gaddafi was killed during a cross-fire when fleeing.

It was anticipated that the Libyan people could open a new, peaceful and democratic chapter after decades of dictatorship, but sadly this hope did not turn into a reality.  In the past 10 years, Libya has witnessed civil wars, massacres, and violence.  The Libyan people have not in fact lived a happy and peaceful life.  Therefore, from this perspective, NATO’s military operations have only achieved limited success.

Meanwhile, the Communist China is essentially facing the same fate as what Gaddafi had then: the aircraft carriers enclosing the mainland, the multinational coalition forces gathering nearby, and it is not hard to see that the fall of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is just around the corner.

Then we cannot help but ask, following the collapse of the CCP, will the newly founded China, that is, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) free from dictatorship, likely to repeat the same mistakes of Libya?

Gaddafi is dead, but other evil dictators are still in power

Although with the help of NATO and other military organisations, Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s regime was overthrown, Libya has since then split into several regional forces, with all parties wanting to fight to gain dominant power to rule the country.  Thus, it gave an perfect opportunity for external forces to intervene and turned Libya into an international stage for “arms shows” among Turkey, France, and Russia, resulting in endless civil wars and ongoing miseries for ordinary Libyans. 

The CCP, being the largest and most vile dictatorship in the world, the fall of which will invariably lead to the further collapse of other dictatorships such as Russia, North Korea, etc.  Because the U.S. has finally realized that dictatorship and democracy are irreconcilable natural enemies.  The CCP’s insidious and deceptive regime almost entirely destroyed freedom and democracy from the face of earth.   Inevitably, eradicating dictatorships will be the prevailing theme for the coming years. 

With the demise of the dictatorship, the world will return to the right path of civilization. The external forces that create divisions and manipulate wars for personal gain will gradually diminish until they completely perish.

In view of this, the NFSC is more fortunate than Libya for it will be born in the brightness of our time.

Libya became a paradise for arms dealers

In 2012, the US consulate in Benghazi was attacked and the US ambassador Chris Stevens was killed.  It was reported that Hillary Clinton, then the US Secretary of State, was in Stinger missiles trade with the Muslim extremist organizations.  As it turned out, this batch of missiles was used by the enemy to attack the US aircraft.  When the FBI tracked down the private arms dealer, Obama and Hillary were immediately informed.  Hillary sent Stevens to Benghazi to retrieve the batch of Stinger missiles cleaning up her scandalous enterprise.  Stevens himself was thereafter “disposed of” and “made-extinct”.   In the end, all the blame was passed to the former Libyan opposition Islamic armed group, and Hillary never had to worry about Stevens submitting the investigation results to Congress…  This was the truth behind the Benghazi attack.

From a certain angle, the Benghazi incident revealed that the continuous civil war in Libya at that time had created a paradise for arms dealers!   Superpowers such as the US, CCP, and Russia have made lucrative deals by instigating the civil war in Libya and selling illicit arms to all the parties at war.  For warmongers and arms dealers, where there is war, there is fortune.  With the sound of cannon fire, tons of gold pours into the hands of the enablers.  The poor Libyan people not only have to pay the cost of the war, but also have to yield their lives to the war.

In light of that, the burning question is “will the NFSC also become a paradise for arms dealers following the collapse of the CCP” ?

The answer is absolutely NOT!

The premise for overthrowing the CCP is the return of the conservative forces in the United States, and the conservatives detest war which can be seen from the fact that the Trump administration had not initiated and engaged in any warfare in its 4-year term.  Hence, such a general premise does not exist.  Moreover, with the fall of the CCP, Russia’s dictatorship itself will also be under an imminent challenge, its ability to provoke a civil war in China is extremely unlikely.

Whistleblowers’ Movement – its formidable power and strong belief like the anchor of the seas (in providing stability to the NFSC)

The key factor that Libyan people failed to attain true democracy and freedom after the fall of dictator Gaddafi is that Libya did not have a righteous force like the Whistleblowers’ Movement to guide, protect and oversee the new government.

Whereas, this exact aspect is the most distinctive feature of the NFSC, and it is also the most forward-looking strategic consideration of Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  

  1. Develop the G series, complete the initial stage of wealth-pooling, build strong economic substance, to protect and escort the NFSC
  • Establish a good strategic alliance with conservative forces in the US and the West etc.  
  • Recover the vast wealth hidden overseas by the Kleptocrats and bring those wealth back to the people, to address a range of livelihood issues from free education, healthcare to other essential matters.  This will completely elevate ordinary Chinese people’s livelihood and let them experience first hand the superior living in the NFSC as opposed to the CCP regime.

Through Libya’s long and painful journey to freedom and democracy, we have profoundly learnt that we must never allow the NFSC to resort into an arms dealers’ paradise.  At present, NATO military organizations, including the US, are endeavoring to avoid hot wars with the CCP and hoping to facilitate a peaceful transition of power through diplomatic alienation, military pressure, and economic sanctions. 

Even though the CCP is still desperately resisting by all means, it is only a matter of time before it collapses under the collective global righteous forces.  On the Whistleblowers Movement’s watch, this time it surely will not be too long.

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