GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (24th Mar, 2021)

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While the world media was attracted to the Alaska meeting last week, none questioned why the Covid-19 pandemic was not even a part of the agenda of the American side. Reporting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’, few probed why it adopted this approach. These and other questions deserve more attention so as to defend the interests of the American, Chinese and other ordinary peoples as well as to hold the CCP accountable for the unprecedented catastrophe it has caused worldwide. We, the GTV UK team, invite Mr. Stephen K. Bannon to lend his wisdom to shed light on these issues. As his allies, we are also concerned about his personal well-being and thus enquire about the dismissal of his indictment.

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1. Dr. Ming: The issue of Covid-19 was off the board of the Alaska meeting between the top American and CCP diplomats. Meanwhile, JPMorgan agreed to pay $410 million for a 10% stake in a leading Chinese wealth-management business. Do you think the two governments have made some dirty deal at the expense of the American and Chinese peoples’ interests?

2. Daniel: Comparing the show of the CCP diplomats vs its American counterparts in Alaska as ‘sheep in wolf skin’ vs ‘wolf in sheep skin’, Miles Guo remarked that the bilateral diplomacy mirrored the top-level CCP’s power struggle. Do you agree?

3. Dr. TCC: On Monday the US and Canada joined the EU and the UK in sanctioning the CCP’s officials and entity responsible for human rights abuses in Xinjiang. How helpful is such a coordinated move to deter the CCP’s atrocities?

4. Daniel: The CCP’s Global Times editorial commented that Xi’s China and Putin’s Russia are ‘strategic partners’ and that the bilateral cooperation ‘has no upper limit’. What does such a defined Sino-Russia relationship imply to the US and its allies?

5. Castle: Mr. Trump reportedly will come back on social media in two to three months with his own service. Will this be another type of game?

6. Daniel: Your lawyer reportedly has asked the federal judge to dismiss your indictment after President Trump’s pardon. Could you share with us more details please?

7. Castle: Craig Faller, Commander of US forces in Central and South America, warned that the CCP’s frontline for aggressively achieving global dominance is much closer to home. Specifically, what CCP activities in the US southern backyard are alarming?

8. Dr. TCC: The Morrison Government has passed legislation to further strengthen protection for freedom of expression and academic studies in Australia’s universities. Why is such legislation necessary in a western democracy nowadays?

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Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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Great speech!!!

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