[Opinion] Wuhan Virus Lab Experimenting with Another Deadly Virus

Author: MOS Writing Group – Billwilliam

In early March, the Epoch Times reported in a video that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is studying another deadly virus called the Ebinur Lake Virus (EBIV). First discovered near the Ebinur Lake region in Xinjiang, this virus is transmitted by mosquito bites[1].

The most prominent feature of EBIV is its virulence and high lethality. Yuan Zhiming, a scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and collaborators published a research article titled “Pathogenesis and Immune Response of Ebinur Lake Virus: A Newly Identified Orthobunyavirus That Exhibited Strong Virulence in Mice.” According to the article, EBIV causes high mortality among lab mice. After being injected with the virus at a very low dosage, the mice exhibited symptoms such as lethargy starting from day 2 of infection; they lost 20% of body weight on average; disease progression was swift, and 90% of the mice perished within 9 days. An autopsy revealed extensive damages to vital organs like the brain, liver, and spleen[2]. One crucial cause of death was the viral infection of brain cells—virus load in the brain increased steadily after infection[2].

Lude Media revealed the Chinese Academy of Sciences provided funding for research on neurotropic pathogens that can damage the brain, such as rabies and Japanese Encephalitis [3]. Lude alleged that Communist China aims to create a bioweapon that can damage the brain [3]. With the discovery of EBIV, the People’s Liberation Army is adding yet another deadly neurotropic virus to their bioweapon arsenal.  

During an interview with Sky News Australia, former US State Department lead investigator David Asher observed that COVID-19 is a product of the bioweapon program in Communist China[4]. Asher indicated a few employees of the Wuhan Institute of Virology were among the first cluster of patients in November 2019. The sequences of samples from them contained signs of adenovirus, a vaccine vector. Asher reasoned Communist China must be developing COVID-19 as a bioweapon, for there is no other explanation of attempted vaccine development against an artificial pathogen that doesn’t exist in nature[4]. Communist China probably attempted to develop a vaccine ahead of the bioweapon release but failed.

Science labs in Communist China collaborate with the PLA in secret civil-military fusion programs. The whole world should demand thorough and unbiased investigations into the Wuhan lab or any military bio lab in Communist China. 


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