Russian Foreign Minister Plans China Visit Following US-China Talk

Writer: Lois

According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will be meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. Mr Lavrov will be in China for two days at the invitation of Mr Wang. 

Diplomatic commentators expect a coordinated response to the United States’ new policies towards the two nations to be at the top of the meeting agenda. Wang and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) senior official Yang Jiechi have already expressed the CCP’s strong opposition to the new sanctions in an Alaska meeting last week with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Blinken also recently cautioned China against the use of aggression and coercion. 

“With shifts in the policies of US and Western countries towards China and Russia, the strategic partnership between China and Russia needs to be reflected and upgraded,” said Yang Jin, an associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences specialising in Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies.

Mr Yang further commented that he expected the two nations to discuss improved collaboration on significant regional and international issues. He added that they would probably consider unifying their United Nations, where they have a history of supporting one another on matters concerning Iran, North Korea and Myanmar. 

The political analyst also predicts climate change, the Covid-19, or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, pandemic and economic and military matters to be included in the meeting schedule.

“As two major countries, China and Russia share broad common interests and shoulder special responsibilities in maintaining world peace and stability and promoting global development and prosperity,” Mr Yang said.

“Apart from cooperation on the economy and the fight against the pandemic, two countries will also discuss major project arrangements and international meetings this year, and new concrete results will come on frameworks including the Eurasian Economic Union and Belt and Road Initiative, and Shanghai Cooperation Organization.”

Last week, Russian news agency Interfax also reported Chinese ambassador to Moscow, Zhang Hanhui, disclosed China’s willingness to communicate with Russia on its US policies regularly. 

Zhang also claimed Moscow and Beijing had progressed significantly in trade, vaccine development and space and military technology.

Meanwhile, a White House document released earlier this month stating US President Joe Biden’s national security policies illustrate his administration’s wariness of the growing US rivalry with China, Russia, and other authoritarian states.

Mr Biden recently announced new sanctions on numerous Russian officials in response to the poisoning and jailing of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The South China Morning Post. (March 18, 2021). Russian foreign minister to visit China hard on heels of Alaska talks.

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