[March 15, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (4th)

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[March 15, 2021] Video translation

Gee, brothers and sisters, it’s quite amazing. I don’t know whether you believe it or not, brothers and sisters. Yesterday was the second day of the second lunar month, the Day the Dragon Head Rises. A few days ago, not only did my injured right leg ache, but my left leg ached as well. My hips also hurt, and I felt under-the-weather, very fragile, like I had been taken over by another soul. Look at the words printed on this T-Shirt sleeve: Take Down the CCP! 

It was like another soul had taken over my body.

You see, after the day the Dragon Head Rises, the pain in my body was gone. When the live broadcast was over, I was pain-free. I ate a lot of meat yesterday. This morning when I woke up, I worked out and was full of strength. I exercised with power, feeling smooth. I have never felt in such good condition as I have in the past few days. When my mother was still alive, she always prayed for our whole family and grandparents every Ching Ming Festival. When I was not myself, my mother would recite some rural Chinese prayers for me. I always said she was superstitious. Hey, this time, I experienced it personally! So everyone should believe that our parents, our families, are connected by some unseen mysterious force. Perhaps everyone should believe what I am now convinced of: that the essence of life and death of human beings is just constant reincarnation from one world to another dimension. Life does not really end.

Today, many fellow fighters sent me too many messages about their mothers and families. Too many messages for me to reply to. They asked me: “brother 7, can you tell me how to get along with my family members?” or “brother 7, my family situation is……” Your brother 7 really cannot reply to all your messages one-by-one. Let me simply answer this way: when you buy clothes on the internet, do you consider buying something for your parents? Do you consider buying clothes for your brothers, sisters, or sisters-in-law? When you buy yourself a coffee, do you think about buying them some dessert? When you have long casual phone calls with acquaintances, do you then call your parents and siblings as well? Twice a week, or maybe just once a week. Do you? You are full of compliments and praise for acquaintances. “Oh, you’re so beautiful. I love you!” Also, when people compliment you, you care about this praise. So, can you also give your father and mother praise more often?

My mother was a very typical rural woman. I told you that my mother sold vegetables at that time, and my brother 3 felt humiliated by this. When he saw our mother selling vegetables, he took a detour to avoid her. I felt furious, and I could not forgive him for the rest of my life for this. At the time, he was a police officer, wearing a police uniform. When he saw his mother, an old woman, selling vegetables, he felt humiliated. I protested strongly to him about it. He felt embarrassed and blushed. I was young and a bit impulsive at that time.

I was totally different from my brother 3. My mother was poor, and her hands were often covered with mud. Instead, I found her cooking more delicious, and I enjoyed it more. My mother did not often wear makeup. As far as I can remember, she rarely wore makeup, almost never. My wife and my sisters-in-law took care of my Mother when she was old. At that time in the Northeast, they used to buy cold cream to use. And I used a lot. I feel honored to have such a mother and father. Once I saw my father walking down the street, shivering with cold. He held his arms, and there was a woman beside him. I did not feel embarrassed of him because he still brought me up under such difficult conditions. I feel even more grateful for him. 

When my father was in Beijing, he went with me to meet some generals. Those generals wore military uniforms and carried tea cups in their hands, and were attended by several soldiers. My father’s clothes were covered in mud, and the socks and shoes he wore were very common. His leg had been broken twice, so he was a bit lame. As my dad sat there eating, although he maintained a good bearing, his face was wrinkled. He even had some mud on his hands. But I was thrilled, and I felt very honored. Before making a toast, I asked him, “Dad, can I toast?” Everyone toasted my father first, calling him “Dad Guo.” They all called my father “Dad Guo.” This is your brother 7. When I was in my teens, I was entertained at this level, respected by these influential people. 

If you have ability, you should be proficient enough so that your parents are proud of you. You should not expect to have a powerful father or mother. You should not rely on them to be powerful or a rich in order to make you feel pride. If so, you’re a coward. Do not think that your brothers, sisters, and sisters-in-law are poor, and allow this to make you ashamed. If you are a capable man, you should honor them. You should not expect others to be better than you. These days many young people are actually losers. These days it seems like if your father, mother, sisters, or brothers are not high officials, or rich, it makes the young feel ashamed. The only question that should be of concern to you is -“who are you?” Will you call your mom and tell her, “Mom, you’re so beautiful. Mom, you’re so great?”

When I complimented my mother, I meant it. I was not just cajoling her. I often called her when I was away from home conducting business. Every time I called, I used to joke with her. When she cried or got angry, I would say: “I’m going to go spend money.” She was always intimidated by my words and said: “OK, I’m not going to cry.” I would continue: “I’m going to go across the street and give the beggar a lot of money, maybe eight hundred thousand or a million.” Then she would say: “I know you can do it, but don’t.” I said: “Mom, Look, I’m at the store, and I am buying up everything, spending all my money.” By hearing these words, she stopped crying. Then I complimented her: “Mom, you’re the prettiest.” I always complimented her when I was a child. “Mom, you could be a diplomat. If it was a different era, you would have been the Prime Minister of the country.” She was so happy to hear me say that.

Also, I praised my father and told him, “Dad, years ago, if you hadn’t been tricked by the CCP into going to the Northeast, you would definitely have become an actor. If you had become an actor, there would be no Da Shichang (a famous Chinese actor). It would definitely be you who became famous.” My father was so delighted. Sometimes, when I said this, his eyes squinted at me and smiled. If you can praise your old parents and family members from the heart, you have a most beautiful soul. Praise is always the best gift to your family. Many Chinese people have not spoken appropriately to their family members since the CCP came to power. It is not your family’s fault but yours.

Before I was put in the Qingfeng detention center, I was also that unpleasant. I never said “Hello, Mom, you’re tired,” or “Father, I thank you.” I never said that because I had no idea that I should say that. This was not part of my family’s education either. Instead, it was in the Qingfeng Detention Center that I was educated. Those professors and chaplains taught me a lot. After they finished teaching me, they said: “hey, boss, you should thank me.” They said: “why don’t you say thank you?” I said: “our family is so poor that we never say thank you. For so many years, I have been in this world. When did I ever say thank you? We just say: “sure buddy.” They told me: “you should say thank you!” As a result, after I was released from Qingfeng Detention Center, I said: “thank you” to everyone I met. Our family didn’t understand. After they picked me up, my brothers and sisters-in-law, including my wife, said: “hey, why are you so polite now? Why are you so civilized?” I told them: “I have to say ‘thank you,’ and I really mean it.”

Later, when I went to Beijing or Zhengzhou, many people thought I was well educated. “Hey, this young man is very polite.” When I went to my cellmate’s home and the host provided a meal, I said: “thank you,” which I never used to say. Later, I insisted on expressing my gratitude by saying “thank you” to my family members. Then, everyone in my family followed me and did the same – Brothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, and children, all said: “thank you.” The whole family expresses their gratitude to others. When your family becomes civilized, your soul becomes more beautiful; when your soul becomes beautiful, your family members become happy; when they are happy, you feel much better. Your aura, luck, and mood also improve. Everything is good, so you can develop better. It is easy to understand.

Whether our fellow fighters call me “Uncle Guo,” “Grandpa Guo,” or “Dad Guo,” or “Brother 7,” you have sent me messages. If you really believe in your brother 7’s words, I suggest you follow this advice for two months. You do not have to donate your money, write a will, or cut off your fingers. What do you have to lose? When you are free, greet your family in a warm, heartfelt way. Praise your parents, your brothers and sisters, and those who supported you in school. Send them a message: “after thinking about it recently, I am especially grateful for you”. No matter what, you express your gratitude. One time is not enough. You can say it every month in the beginning, then every week, until you tell them every day. You will see what happens to you and the people you love.

I can assure you:

  • You will reduce your chances of getting cancer.
  • You will reduce your chances of getting into a car accident.
  • You will lose weight.

You can try it. If it doesn’t work, you come over and scold your brother 7 for this trick. Look at me. This is my personal experience. I won’t just talk nonsense. You see, my mother has gone to the other world for two years. She is now in heaven, and she can still influence me. In my mother’s words: “this is your Mom coming to see you from heaven because I adore you and I miss you.” But for us ordinary people it is difficult to stand. This is the love of a Mother. So much love that it is difficult for me to stand it. It must be my Mom visiting. The most important issue for her was that I should not drink. It was her most significant expectation that I did not drink wine. If she saw me these days, she must have felt heartbroken and cried, which leaves me with a full-body aches. Now she’s gone back to heaven with God, helping us take down the CCP. 

I believe in God, and I agree that life goes from one world to another and does not perish. We are born in this life to meet each other, and we all come from heaven. Our souls never die. Therefore, we should be kind to our souls and to our families. 

“Bang!” what is this sound? Do you hear? CCP, you bastards, you’re finished.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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