Medicine can only last two weeks: Hong Kongers stranded in Hubei province long for help from the HK Government


In response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan has been on lockdown since last Thursday. The city’s buses, subways, ferries, long-distance transportation, and the airport were suspended. Hong Kongers currently stranded in Wuhan hope for assistance from the SAR government.

Mr. Leung, a Hong Konger, travelled to Hubei province with his wife for the Lunar New Year holidays. They are currently stranded in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, which is a 10-hour drive from Wuhan. Leung suffers from coronary artery disease, requiring him to take medicine regularly but he only has enough to last two weeks. He hopes to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible and worries that his health may worsen otherwise. Leung says that Enshi Autonomous Prefecture is sparsely populated, has an adequate supply of food, and has no confirmed cases of infection as of yet. However, the area lacks sufficient provisions for epidemic prevention like face masks, of which he only has ten.

Leung is aware that the SAR government is arranging the return of Hong Kongers from Hubei province with the Central Government but he is concerned about access to Wuhan. The commute from Enshi to Wuhan takes time, especially when the roads connecting the Autonomous Prefecture and other cities in the province were blockaded. Leung worries about the difficulty of travel to Wuhan even if the SAR government were to arrange a chartered flight there. He urges the government to help with his return to Hong Kong.

Source: RTHK
Contributor: GM02


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