CCP Uses Red Cross to Achieve Full Control Over All Rescue Supplies

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CCP takes advantage of Red Cross, delay distribution of vital medical supplies, to achieve complete control over all rescue supplies.

A few hours ago, an ex-city council member of Wuhan Qiang Li made an announcement on a Wuhan virus outbreak news conference. He disclosed that the Wuhan Red Cross had received over 600 million yuan of donation, 9316 cases of masks, 74,522 sets of hazard clothes and 80,456 pairs of protective goggles. With so many donations received by Wuhan Red Cross, why are so many hospitals still have a serious lack of supplies? Li claimed the reason was that the consumption of supplies was much greater than the supplies themselves!

Is Li mocking the intelligence of the average citizens? Medical supplies from half of the world are going to Wuhan, but somehow the supplies are not enough, then Li claimed the consumption is too great? What did he mean exactly? Did he believe even with all of these donations, they were still not enough? The CCP claimed that a hospital could be built in days, but now transporting goods was all of a sudden impossible? 

The bureaucrats at Wuhan Red Cross claimed they were very busy due to the outbreak, but could they be busier and more tired than the frontline nurses and doctors? The official voice of CCP always makes people angry, because the bureaucrats are very inefficient, and they never think about how to improve themselves. 

The officials claimed that the transfer of goods was too slow, but the outbreak had been happening for weeks, and yet nothing was done. Then the officials claimed that the deployment of supplies was never on time, but if there was no exposure, the officials might not even admit to the problem in the first place! Even now, the officials are still trying to find excuses, claiming it was because of goods not being delivered on time, which resulted in many doctors and nurses curing infected patients with zero protection. This is nothing less than murder, not only that, the CCP officials probably want to kill more, how could these people sleep at night, knowing that they are withholding medical supplies, so they could make a killing during this outbreak? So many supplies are just sitting in these Wuhan Red Cross warehouses, and some of the medical supplies might be expiring already, each one of these supplies could save one life! This is the reason why nobody in China could even buy a mask at the moment because all the supplies are sitting in Red Cross’s warehouses!

Compare to the frontline doctors, the lack of efficiency of Red Cross is astonishing, in the face of supply shortage, doctors and nurses tried to be creative and save themselves, they become tailors, and put plus size garbage bags on themselves and use them as hazard clothes, doing the minimum of what they can to quarantine themselves, take a look at the following pictures from People’s Daily’s WeChat account: 

Later the Xiehe hospital of Wuhan came out and said that the above pictures were actually fake news, saying these things never happened at their west campus.

Who is spreading these rumors, no one can see the truths? Do people seriously believe that those doctors could be so free, that even they are overloaded every day, they still have time to become tailors and make these custom wares by themselves? Even if you dismiss the rumor, you have to give evidence! Now we really don’t know if the editor of the People’s Daily has been arrested for making rumors. Or that if the hospital does not dismiss the rumor, they will not receive supplies, these doctors can only die with the patients! It seems that this is a purposefully fabricated rumor!

Is there a black hole above Wuhan, that’s sucking away all the medical supplies? Masks are not available in China, but factories are in overdrive. Further, Chinese people around the world have been buying back masks. Is the Chinese Red Cross a thief or a robber? As ordinary people, we can accept the so-called management fees charged by the Red Cross, but we hope the Wuhan Red Cross can at least send all vital supplies to the people in need immediately. How is it possible that the supplies are running low given that the entire world is supporting Wuhan and Hubei province? All these supplies sitting at Wuhan Red Cross’s warehouse are all lifesaving supplies. After a long day battling with the Wuhan virus, does the Wuhan Red Cross honestly expect the doctors and nurses to come to their offices and beg them for protection gears? Even if the Red Cross does take money from the people, at the very least, they should not withhold any medical supplies. 

The Chinese government is always very bureaucratic. Whenever a problem raised, the person who raised it is silenced, and this is an everyday phenomenon. All of these CCP officials are corrupted from top to bottom, the outbreak would never have been out of control if these officials have a little bit of conscience and humanity and reported it early on. But, the outbreak of pneumonia (novel coronavirus) has made people all over China to see the true nature of CCP, and it has made the whole world realized that it was this devil CCP which made it impossible for the whole world to save the people of Hubei! We need to think about why international supplies and the supplies from 9 provinces can reach Wuhan Xiehe Hospital directly, but the medical supplies that are currently sitting in the warehouses of Wuhan could not reach Xiehe hospital.

Dear compatriots, all kinds of signs show that the Communist Party is trying to control all the relief supplies nationwide and overseas, and deliberately delaying the distribution. This means the CCP believes the spread of the Wuhan virus has not yet reached its goal, and not enough people are dead. According to the epidemic map, all cities with higher and denser populations than Wuhan are somehow not quarantined, which begs us to ask the question of why? The epidemic right now is hell on earth, and the CCP has not taken major actions to curb the spread, which means the party wants more people dead. The people who died in Wuhan, died in hospitals, and died on the roadside, they will never forgive the CCP, and every Chinese who survives this pandemic will never forgive the kleptocracies’ families. As long as the Communist Party lives one more day on earth, humanity will never have peace!

2020 will be the year of reckoning for CCP, and everything is just the beginning!


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Feb. 02, 2020