3/22/2021 Financial News: Bonds Issued On The CCP Market In February; Credit Bonds Postponed Or Cancelled

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1.Over A Half-Trillion Dollars of Bond Issued in February Market

(People.cn) The latest data released by the Central Bank of Communist China on March 20 shows that in February, Communist China’s bond market issued a total of $0.53 trillion of various types of bonds. Among them, treasury bonds issued $57.31 billion, local government bonds issued $8.56 billion, financial bonds issued $74.38 billion, corporate credit bonds issued $94.24 billion, credit asset-backed securities issued $5.6 billion, interbank certificates of deposit issued $0.28 trillion.

2.Large Number of Credit Bonds have been Postponed or Cancelled

According to the latest statistics from Wind, 905 credit bonds were delayed or failed to be issued this year, involving an amount of $52.94 billion, compared with the 631 items in the same period last year, amounting to $38.27 billion, and the number and scale rose by 43.4% and 38.3% respectively.

3.Alibaba Officially Announced its Cooperate with Tencent

According to the latest news, Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce platform in Communist China, has officially announced that its Taobao will cooperate with rival Tencent’s WeChat, which may later support WeChat payments.

4.Frequent Executive Changes in Mutual Funds Company

A number of mutual funds have recently released announcements about changes in senior management. Up to now, Eastmoney Choice data shows that 38 mutual funds institutions have undergone executive changes since this year, involving more than 60 cases of executive resignation.

5.Bank Staff Induce Customers to Invest Business Loans into Real Estate Market

(Caijingzhenxiang) The video shows that bank staff, knowing that “business loans” are strictly prohibited in the real estate market, but they still induce customers to use “third-party accounts” to evade bank audits, thereby illegally investing “business loans” into the real estate market.

6.Canadian Pacific To Buy Kansas City Southern In $25 Billion Deal Creating First Rail Network Spanning U.S., Mexico And Canada

Canadian Pacific Railway has agreed to acquire Kansas City Southern in a $25 billion deal that will create the first rail network connecting the United States, Mexico and Canada, the two companies announced Sunday. The transaction, which is expected to close by the middle of next year, values Kansas City Southern at $275 per share, nearly 23% more than the stock’s closing price Friday.

By 【Financial Team – Rosy Cloud】

News Collection: Totoro、Rosy Cloud

Proofreading: Tracy

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